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About Us

BRING BACK TOMORROW is a german 5-piece Rockband from Hochstetten-Dhaun, Rhineland-Palatinate. Due to their numerous vocalists and diversity in playing different instruments, the band is able to perform a great variety of different covers ranging from old 50s Rock N' Roll and Classic Rock to modern Pop, Rock and even Metal. They can adapt their setlist to any given event and plan on recording their own music in the near future.


Our Story

BRING BACK TOMORROW formed in 2019 as a part of their school's band-project for a gig at the "Adreasmarkt" in Kirn. Enrico MArx (Ex-guitarist), Joshua and Lukas had already played together for a few Months and one concert at Lukas' uncle's birthday. After playing together as school band, the Band decided to stay together and continue on their own. They hosted their own private Event in August of 2020 and in 2021, they landed a gig opening for SERPENTIN in Duchroth. Opening gigs for MAD ZEPPELIN and METAKILLA soon followed and they began writing their own music.

The Band

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